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Rental Pickup/Return Schedule & Requirements

Since we are closed on major holidays (see detailed Business Hours),
just pick up the day before and return on the next open day at no extra charge.

Pick up at our store in Tukwila (near Westfield/Southcenter Mall) and return the next day.
If you need us to deliver and/or pick up, just let us know and we'll try to accomodate.

No matter what time your event is at you can reach us 24hrs if you need assistance.
We forward our line after our business hours so you can always reach a person to talk to.

Pickup & Return schedule:
Special arrangements may be available. Please contact us to inquire.

Pick up:

Wednesday - Saturday: Any time after 3pm and before 6:30pm
Sunday & Monday: Any time after 3pm and before 4:30pm


Wednesday - Friday: Any time after 11:30am and before 2pm
Sunday & Monday: Any time after 12:30pm and before 2:30pm


Before reserving, E-mail or call us, (206) 574-3020, to check for availability.

Sorry, we cannot accept any tentative reservations.
Reserve by paying for system in full through our shopping cart, by phone, or at our store.
Once you reserve we will guarantee you, we do not overbook.
All reservations are non-refundable, nor reschedulable (except to call-in only in case of acts of nature).



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